The Benefits of a Pitch Mower from Dermot Casey

A pitch mower is a vital investment for any groundskeepers working on football, hurling, soccer, cricket and rugby pitches.

Whether it is one pitch or a dozen, pitch mowers reduce the time spent working on each area. Improve the quality of your pitches and gain the freedom to develop your pitches exactly how you want to.

Dermot Casey has a wide variety of garden, lawn and pitch mowers for the experts and novices among you.

Whether you choose to operate a ride-on mower or a robotic pitch mower for your soccer and football pitches is completely up to you, but let’s have a deep dive into some of the major benefits of a pitch mower.

Check out a recent Pitch Mower Video on a GAA Pitch in Cork


Whether it is a ride-on or walk-behind pitch mower you choose from Dermot Casey, you are guaranteed precision cutting for all lengths of grass.

Pitches require a certain touch to ensure quality and the equipment at Dermot Casey ensures that.

Our Seco & Bigmow range are perfect for large sureface areas such as GAA and Soccer pitch and our Stihl range great for smaller areas however they both offer fast and accurate cutting and can work all day to ensure you have the finish that you need.

The Bigmow Pitch Mower in Action


Tractors and ride-on mowers are the best time savers when it comes to cutting your Rugby and Soccer pitches. While walk-behind mowers may be suited for some tasks to save the most time it is best to purchase a tractor mower the get the best quality in the shortest amount of time.


If you decide to go with our robotic range of mowers from Ambrogio or Belrobotics you will also benefit from automation.

You can set your robotic mowers to cut at the perfect length and at a time that suits you.

Have them operational throughout the night or work on faraway pitches while you deal with other tasks.

Automation provides you with the most freedom regarding time and ensures each pitch is cut at a time that is best for you.

Robotic mowers have come a long way quite rapidly and are perfectly capable of working on multiple pitches and not just your backyard.

Finishing Cuts

For the active playing pitch, finishing cuts are very important. You want a pitch that players enjoy being on and which highlight your qualities and skills on pitch maintenance.

Choose an electric, robotic or petrol pitch mower for your finishing touches and have an immaculate pitch ready to go.

Increased Safety

At Dermot Casey, we believe in safety first. Although our equipment can be dangerous if misused, they are built with safety in mind.

Automatic shut-off, enclosed blades and safety controls are paramount especially when operating heavy pitch mower machinery.

We will provide you with all the instructions and safety tips at our disposal.

Contact the Sales team at Dermot Casey for any Pitch Mowing Solutions…

With our wide range of garden and pitch mowers, we will be more than happy to provide you with all the assistance and knowledge at our disposal.

Choosing the right pitch mower will make your job much easier. You can get more done in less time and provide a much better-quality finish than is possible with outdated machinery.

We also have payment clubs in place with countless GAA, Rugby, Soccer and Cricket Clubs throughout Ireland.

Contact the Dermot Casey team today and we will be happy to help.