Stihl Robotic Mowers – The Benefits and Models at Dermot Casey

The Dermot Casey group is a family run business with over 50 years of experience supplying tradesmen, novice gardens and landscaping professionals with the latest and most robust garden and home maintenance supplies in Ireland.

Based in Cork we are happy to supply and ship a wide variety of tools and equipment throughout Ireland. One of the most popular and in-demand home care systems at the moment is our Stihl Robotic Mowers. Ideal for gardens of all sizes, Stihl Robotic Mowers make mowing and maintaining your lawn an easy and hassle-free endeavour.

Our Stihl Robotic Lawn mower collection includes the I-Mow RMI 422 Robotic Mower, RMI 422 P Robotic Mower and RMI 632 PC Robotic mower range, among others.

With prices ranging from €1297 to €3195 and finance available Stihl Robotic Mowers are available for those of every budget range.

You can see a Gallery of Stihl Robotic Mowers below and direct links to more product details.

What are the benefits of Stihl Robotic Mowers?

You may be wondering what the benefits of a robotic mower are over traditional mowers since the initial investment may seem high to some. Let us have a look at the benefits of a Stihl Robotic Lawnmower over a traditional mower.

They are super convenient:

Robotic lawnmowers maintain a perfectly cut lawn once installed and configured correctly. You can use your time to look after other aspects of your garden with the knowledge that your lawn will be kept to the perfect height on a regular schedule.

Depending on the type of Stihl Robotic Lawnmower you choose, you can configure settings using a control panel or even your smartphone.

Mulching benefits your Garden:

Unlike most lawn mowers, Stihl robotic mowers mulch your grass clippings. This turns them into a fine fertilising layer that benefits the colour and growth of your lawn.

You no longer have to dump bags of grass cuttings or rake up large chunks.

This will reduce the need for fertilisers and makes your garden a beautiful green area.

Save both money and time by investing in a robotic mower now.

Stihl Robot Mowers are incredibly safe:

Built-in safety features in robotic mowers include sensors that will detect objects and people and also when they are lifted, stopping the blades immediately.

Robotic mower blades are also quite small and tucked under the body of the mower improving safety for both children and animals.

Traditional lawn mowers can be quite large with big blades, hot motors and a need for capable operators. All of this increases the chances of injury or damage to those nearby.

Robotic mowers can be scheduled to operate at night or when the household is empty, completely removing the chance of injury to those within your household.

Stihl Robotic Lawn Mower – Better for the environment?

Large electric lawn mowers must be charged for a considerable length of time to cut the same area that a Stihl robotic mower can cut.

Meanwhile, traditional mowers require fuel that emits harmful fumes into the environment. Not ideal for the environmentally conscious gardener.

Charging your Stihl robotic mover to its full capacity only takes several hours and can be completed through your regular power supply.

Their small compact size and the scheduling capabilities of your robotic mower ensure that only the required electricity is used.

Stihl robotic mowers from Dermot Casey:

If you are looking to improve your garden, reduce the time spent on your garden and update your gardening equipment, a Stihl robotic mower should be at the top of your list.

Browse our site, see all our Stihl Robot Mowers here or visit in-store to check out our range of powerful robotic mowers and see the benefits they can bring to your garden.