When to use a Finishing Mower?

Finishing mowers, also known as grooming mowers, are a lawn professionals’ ideal tool for creating that perfectly outlined lawn finish.

When working on precision finishes, finishing mowers are what you need.

While standard ride on and handlebar mowers from Dermot Casey Sales will cut and clean your lawns, finishing mowers will provide finer finishes that are ideal for greenways and other sporting sites.

Why use a finishing mower?

Finish mowers can be used on golf courses, football pitches, garden estates and other large lawn areas.

They provide beautiful precision cuts such as golf hole areas and intricate pitch designs.

As tractor extensions, you can set wheel and cutting heights at different intervals and their design ensures there is no soil compaction.

They allow for quicker cuts and leave a smooth grass finish, making them ideal for high sporting areas.

Additional features:

As finish mowers usually operate as the last piece used on a lawn, they come with additional features depending on the model you choose.

Mulch spreading and bag collection are the two primary finishes, so whichever occurs depends on the additional features you choose for your mower.

Greenways and football pitches are usually mulch free, meaning a side bag collection is your best choice.

Mulch is perfect for the regrowth of healthy lawns in housing estates and well-manicured gardens.

Disadvantages of a Finishing Mower

Though you may want a pristine lawn using a finish mower, unless you have an exceptionally large garden and the right equipment, a finish mower is not the right choice for you.

The finish mowers for sale at Dermot Casey Sales are specifically designed for lawn care professionals.

  • The equipment size and use do not make them economical for your typical homeowner.
  • For a proper ROI finish mowers need to be used at a commercial level.
  • Finish mowers only operate properly when working on already cut and cleaned lawns.

There are options to create that beautiful lawn trim for smaller homes, however, that is in the form of a robotic mower.

Robotic mowers for small gardens:

Robotic mowers provide many of the advantages of a finish mower but for small gardens.

Their small size and sharp compact blades can trim gardens to a beautiful finish.

Instead of purchasing a finish mower for sale, look into robotic mowers for your small garden.

Choosing between a Bush Mower and a Finishing Mower:

If you are a professional landscaper or groundskeeper working on large areas, you should have both a brush mower and a finish mower.

Brush mowers are more suited to landscaping work as they will clear tall grass, weeds and plants etc. There have larger, stronger blades and clear larger areas fast.

When you find a finished mower for sale ensure you have the work capacity to take it on, as you do not want this equipment ageing and rusting without proper use.

For clean tight finishes on open areas, a finish mower will do the job perfectly.

Have clean and tidy sporting and outdoor area!

Do you have any questions regarding Finishing Mowers?

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