Belrobotics and Bigmow: What is it and why you should have it:

You may have noticed the most recent craze happening in the world of home garden maintenance and lawnmower care. That is the use of automated robotic mowers to take care of your lush green areas.

You can set your automated mower to cut at set times, charge automatically and cut to certain heights and shapes.

This sounds great for homeowners with small gardens or those who wish to invest in a time-saving option, but what about professional groundskeepers and those taking care of large swathes of land?

Well, that is where Belrobotics comes in.

Belrobotics is leading the world in robotic lawnmower technology and their Bigmow creation is designed to take on the largest professional jobs.

Bigmow can take on the jobs that most professionals did not believe was possible.

But why is Bigmow different?

Belrobotics Bigmow is capable of maintaining up to 24000m2 of turf.

With the average professional football pitch being 7140 m2 and your average GAA pitch being roughly 5500 m2 this is quite an impressive feat.

At Dermot Casey Sales, we have seen the huge demand for automated mowers and Bigmow by Belrobotics is easily the most in-demand for groundskeeping professionals.

Belrobotics Bigmow Gallery

The Belrobotic Specifics:

Bigmow contains much of what you would expect in an automated mower, but these are more advanced and precise than your typical robotic mower. Bigmow has:

  • 5 floating cutting heads that adapt to the elevation they sit on.
  • 15 stainless steel blades for crisp mulching
  • 5 sonar sensors that will automatically switch off the device when it comes into contact with an obstacle. These sensors ensure the safety and protection of the mower and whatever obstacle is in the way.
  • With a cutting width of over 105mm, it has a much wider cutting width than many other robotic mowers on the market.

Is the Belrobotic Bigmow worth it?

You may have just read some of the specifications of the Bigmow, but is it a worthwhile investment?

Well, we stock it here at Dermot Casey Sales, but don’t take our word for it.


Bigmow is not just suitable for gardens and pitches, it is an ideal piece of kit for golf courses and ranges as it can cover a considerably large area.

Don’t worry about damaging the grounds with tractors and ride-on equipment as the lightweight design ensures minimal pressure. The low noise emissions ensure the Bigmow can operate in different locations without interfering with play.

Pitches and Training Grounds:

Bigmow can be configured to operate in several locations throughout the day. This gives you freedom in choosing what areas to operate in.

You can configure the Bigmow to begin its cutting cycle before or after you have completed certain tasks.

This frees up time for maintenance or other short-notice projects.

THE Environmental Impact:

Last but not least Belrobotics Bigmow is a low emission and low maintenance piece of kit.

Charging is automated and low energy, reducing your costs even further.

The small compact design ensures minimal storage space is required. You will also free up further space needed for tools and fuel, often required for tractor mowers and walking mowers.

The Bigmow is ecologically friendly, has low noise and is a cost-saving choice that is an easy one to make.

Get in touch with Dermot Casey Sales today if you wish to see one in action.