Tractor Mowers at Dermot Casey

Whether it is a Seco rough terrain tractor mower or a standard Kubota Garden tractor mower that you are searching for, Dermot Casey has you covered.

Tractor mowers are designed for longevity, tough work and quality. That is what we provide you here at Dermot Casey’s.

Whether it is your back garden or an addition to your fleet, Dermot Casey has you covered.

With the added price tag, it is worth investigating whether a tractor mower is worth the investment, so let’s have a look at a few reasons why a tractor mower might be just what you need.

A time-saver

One of the key advantages of a tractor mower, whether it’s for personal use or business is the amount of time it saves you.

You can cover a much wider area in a much shorter length of time on a tractor mower. That is why they are usually best suited to professional groundskeepers, landscapers or those with large gardens to take care of.

No matter the size, a tractor mower will beat a walk-behind mower every time.

Less Labour Intensive

A quality ride-on mower will not only save you tremendous amounts of energy, but it is also much more comfortable to carry out your tasks.

Sit back and relax while the quality tractor mower from Dermot Casey’s does the work for you.

They are ideal pieces of kit for those who may be suffering from an injury or who are working hard to prevent injuries.

Easy Ignition

You don’t have to worry about pulling any cords on a tractor mower as most if not all come with a simple key start ignition.

This saves mostly on stress levels but also by reducing the risk of damage to your equipment.


All of the tools and equipment at Dermot Casey are designed to ensure you can get the job done, quickly, efficiently and safely.

Tractor mowers have several safety features including child-friendly ignition, covered blades and speed and height settings.

Due to your positioning, you have a wider field of view and can spot anything that may cause harm or injury to yourself and others.

Our Range of Tractor Mowers at Dermot Casey:

At Dermot Caseys, we have Seco, Stihl and Kubota tractor mowers in stock.

These are brands that we trust and that we have supplied to the Irish public for many years.

Our staff are incredibly knowledgeable on each piece of kit and can walk you through the specifics, so you have a better grasp if this is the right piece for you.

Contact Dermot Casey today and we will provide impartial advice on your Tractor Mower purchase…

Browse our range of tractor mowers online or better yet call into one of our stores and the team will be happy to help.

Either you are looking to improve your equipment, start up a side business or simply want to check out what we have on offer in our store, get in touch today.

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