Stihl Robotic Automatic Mowers…the Benefits?

At Dermot Casey Sales, we have two Stihl robotic mowers that we believe are prime examples of robotic mower technology.

They provide homeowners and some landscaping professionals with all the cutting and automation that they need for pristine, low environmental impact lawn care.

These mowers are set to operate at specific times, they run with low noise emission and are perfect for housing estates and some larger lawn areas.

But what are the true benefits behind Stihl Automatic Mowers, or any other automatic robotic mowers for that matter?

Robotic Automatic Mower Benefits:

Stihl robotic mowers and other brands have been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. They take the hassle out of lawn care, allowing you to spend more time on more enjoyable aspects of your garden care. But they have a wide number of other benefits you may not have thought about.


Probably a major fear for many parents and animal lovers is the dangers posed by traditional lawnmowers. Both ride-on and handlebar mowers are large, with big blades, fuel and many other moving parts.

All of these can pose a danger to our children, pets and ourselves.

Robotic mowers are small and compact with internal blade placement. Meaning they are very secure for all involved.

Many also include safety sensors which will shut off the cutting system if they are picked up or come into contact with certain obstacles.

This means even if you are not around, your Stihl robotic mower cannot harm those you care about.


Have you ever thought how nice it would be to go to work and come home with a freshly cut lawn on which you can relax?

Stihl robotic automatic mowers allow you to do just that.

Schedule cutting times, grass cutting length and create cutting boundary settings for your robotic mower.

Your mower will operate where and when you want it to.

This means you can be away from home or busy tending to another task while your garden gets a great cut.

Automation frees up time and provides you with the opportunity to do more.

Compact Size:

The small size of your Stihl robotic unit helps in several areas.

Storage solutions are much easier. You do not need a large garage or storage shed for your cumbersome mower.

You will also save space on fuel, cords, repair tools and more by choosing an automatic mower.

Simply find a great charging port location and let your mower take care of itself.

It is also a less obvious choice for thieves should they unfortunately visit.

Sometimes having big lawn care units can make you more of a target than you think.

Fine Trimming:

Your final cut grass will have a few additional benefits for your garden.

Rather than having a large bag of grass cuttings which you must toss away, you will find your garden freshly fertilised with tiny grass trimmings.

Stihl robotic mowers produced healthy green garden lawns by using the very grass trimmings they have just cut.

Because of their small blade size, the grass is cut into small mulch that is ideal for healthy garden growth.

Dermot Casey Sales for your Stihl Automatic Mowers:

Choose between the STIHL RMI 632 PC Robotic Mower or the STIHL I-MOW at Dermot Casey Sales.

Stihl Automatic Robotic Mower
STIHL RMI 632 PC Robotic Mower
STIHL i-Mow RMI 422 Robotic Mower
STIHL i-Mow RMI 422 Robotic Mower

Both use advanced I-Mow lawn care technology to provide precision cuts and a garden that you will be happy with.

Cut between 3000m2 and 4000m2 garden areas.

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