Choosing the best robotic lawn mower for your lawn.

We are involved in robotic mowers for over 12 years which makes us the longest running Irish companies selling auto mowers. In this time, we have gained great experience in many brands.

We have been in business since 1972 selling outdoor power tools which helps us understand the Irish market and conditions witch, we are happy to share with our customers.

Like all tech they have advanced at great leaps and bounds over the years. Introducing the apps that allow users operate the mower from anywhere once you have internet access.

The robotic mowers of today have come on so much that it is now an easy task for an end user to install the auto mower themselves as many customers often do.  We do still offer an installation service and service plans to all customers.

When it comes to the Irish market, we have a few must have Features we always recommend.

  1. 4 Wheel Design

We highly recommend a 4 wheel design as most Irish lawns tend to be wetter and softer for longer then any other European country and by having two front wheels stop the mowers from ploughing the ground.

  1. Wide & Large Drive Wheels

This again helps with traction as well as grip. Again, most mowers common faults over the years are coming of the lawn. This come from the mower losing traction as it makes it way along the perimeter.

  1. Near Wire Fallow

Again, in the Irish market a common complaint is the robotic lawn mower is marking the perimeter by traveling the same path over and over, especially when the lawn is wet.

Near wire follow is a term we us when describing how the auto mower travels the boundary when going out to a lawn area or zone to cut and returning to the base for charging. This is a setting that allows the user to adjust the distance of the mower in relation to the wire in the ground. (on the wire, off the wire narrow and off the wire wide). With near wire fallow it eliminates the problem completely.

Some competitors still us an older system such as a return wire true the centre of the lawn to help the machine home faster. In our experience this leave a visible track true the lawn from the auto mower traveling on the same path over and over.

Some machines us G.P.S for this purpose but in our experience, this is suitable for a lawn that has a clear run to the base (An open area)

  1. Rain Sensor

We feel rain sensors are a must. Granted in the summer months the ground is firm and rain sensors could be turned off but into the later part of the season as the ground begins to soften, we recommend rain sensors. this allows the robotic mower to cut into the later part of the season without damaging the lawn.

Better again is an adjustable rain sensor

  1. Solid Blade

A must for the Irish market is a solid blade. A solid blade will hold its edge for much longer meaning less changing of blades. Some customers have blades last a hole season and the quality of cut is even all year long. As for debris the solid blade will also hold up much better ageist edge blunting, bending, or breaking.

Unlike the razor blade type blades that lose there edge very fast and fatigue which result in a blade braking off and been left lying on the lawn. These blades must be changed as often as every 8 weeks to prevent this.

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