Choosing the Best Grass Trimmer for Your Needs

If you are one of those people who still rely on rudimentary tools to maintain your garden, you are probably wasting a lot of time and effort. Nowadays, there are various products such as grass trimmers available in the market that can assist you in getting rid of weeds and tidying up your lawn.

What is a Grass Trimmer?

A glass trimmer is a lightweight power tool that can be used to get rid of weeds, and trim the grass to give your lawn a finishing touch that creates the look of a professionally groomed landscape. Grass trimmers offer some innovative features that can eliminate the tedious tasks of hand-clipping in hard to reach areas and transform your yard easily.

Selecting the Best Grass Trimmer

If you are planning to invest in a good tool for your garden, STIHL offers a variety of products for every need. While choosing a grass trimmer one of the main factors to be considered is if you are looking for a product that will help you clear out brambles and hardy weeds, or are you interested in thinning overgrown areas.

Grass trimmers are specifically designed to tackle the tasks of everyday lawn maintenance and occasional weed whacking. There are two types of grass trimmers namely battery operated and those that run on fuel.

Battery Operated Trimmers: These trimmers are a good low maintenance option that can be used for small to large -sized gardens. Cordless trimmers help in easy maneuvering as compared to corded trimmers as they can reach every corner of the property.

STIHL’s cordless battery trimmers are powered by a lithium-ion technology that provides the required power without any exhaust fumes or noise. Some of the widely used range of these products are:

FSA 45 Lithium-Ion Grass Trimmer: This trimmer is suitable for smaller lawns and can easily transform into a lawn edger, so you do not need additional tools to achieve perfect edges. We would recommend for a smaller town house that would only require a machine to tidy up the perimeter after mowing the lawn.

FSA 56 Battery-Powered Grass Trimmer: This lightweight trimmer can be used for medium-sized lawns and the battery is interchangeable with some of the blowers, lawnmowers, chainsaws, and hedge trimmers offered by STIHL.

FSA 65 FSA 85 and FSA 90 Battery-Powered Grass Trimmer: These products are suitable for grooming longer and thicker grass. Similar to the FSA 56 trimmer, its battery is interchangeable with about 25 products in the STIHL PRO wireless system.

FSA130R/FAS135 PRO Battery-Powered Grass Trimmer: These are Stihl’s pro battery powered grass trimmers suitable for the contractor or heavier duty needs of a operator that require power that is hard to believe.

Best Grass Trimmer

Electric Operated Trimmers

In addition to the above, STIHL also offers corded trimmers namely FSE 52 and FSE 60 that are versatile and work best for intricate spaces with easy access to an electric supply.

Petrol Grass Trimmers: These trimmers are fuel operated and offer more power when compared to battery operated trimmers. They are best for mowing larger areas and thicker grass.

STIHL offers a series of high-performance petrol grass trimmers as follows:

FS38: This is a robust tool that are light and easy to use.

FS 50 C-E: This trimmer comes with the innovative STIHL ErgoStart system that makes it very easy to start the machine. We would recommend for a town house that would only require a machine to tidy up the perimeter after mowing the lawn.

Fs55r: This is our best-selling tool for homeowner’s whit larger lawns and can operate a blade which makes it more suitable for heaver grass and weed cutting. The fs55 comes in two handle options (d handle and bike handle)

Fs111r:  This machine is suitable for mid-size contractors and Agri maintenance operators. Built for cutting heavier material and running longer hours. The fs111 comes in two handle options (d handle and bike handle)

Fs260C-E: This pro tool is a step up from the fs111 and is built with the contractor in mind that needs a machine they can rely on day in day out.

Fs460/560C-EM: Now we reach the top of the range in brush cutters. They are built manly for the forestry and Agri maintenance in mind. this range of brush cutters can cut sally wood and young trees when fitted with a saw blade or heavy clumpy grass when used with a nylon head or grass blade.

With a wide range of products, STIHL is one of the premium brands that has been supplying grass trimmers for more than 90 years. So why wait? Pick your new STIHL grass trimmer and keep your lawn in top condition all year long.

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