ECHO robotic mower TM-2050 – 75000 m²

ECHO robotic lawnmower TM-2050 – 75000 m²

The ECHO robotic lawnmower TM-2050 is one of the most powerful robotic lawnmowers in the world.

With an area coverage of up to 75,000 m², the robotic lawnmower is ideal for large sports facilities with several football pitches or on golf courses for rough areas or fairways and driving ranges. Up to 5 full sized GAA sports fields can be mowed 3-5 times a week.

“Dermot Casey Sales, a leader for 15+ years in commercial robotic mowers, boasts unmatched expertise. Beyond providing exceptional machinery, we prioritize building strong customer relationships. Our esteemed clientele includes Kerry GAA Centre of Excellence, Killeedy GAA Club, Ballygiblin GAA, Mackey Park, Ahane GAA Club, and diverse businesses and homeowners. Our commitment to trust and quality distinguishes us in the commercial robotic mower realm.”

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ECHO robotic mower TM-2050 – 75000 m²

With an area output of up to 75000 m², the ECHO TM2050 robotic lawnmower is perfect for clubs with up to five sports fields. That is 5 full size GAA sports fields can be mowed 3-5 times a week.  The echo robotics TM-2050 is equipped with an RTK GPS receiver.

In contrast to the conventional TM-2000, the TM2050 is equipped with an RTK-GPS receiver. Along with the RTK-GPS base station, the robot mows in lanes. Both the running direction of the pattern and the reference point are regularly changed automatically. As a result, no permanent traces are formed.

The GPS-defined zones enable high-precision exclusions and focus areas to be defined within large areas without changing the wire routing: ideal for flower beds, targets, sandbanks, the temporary exclusion of lawn repair areas or ancillary areas depending on the weather.

For the pattern navigation to function properly, the robot always needs a clear field of view of the sky. Within small areas, reception can be ignored. Conventional random navigation can be used for larger GPS shadow areas.

Thanks to the multi-zone capability, you can connect several mowing areas on complex systems. Each mowing area gets its own schedule. The robot can be monitored via an app via mobile communications or WLAN.

Because the ECHO robot lawn mower continuously mows, it only produces very fine grass clippings that aren’t noticeable, eliminating the need for collection. The grass clippings thus ensure natural fertilization of the lawn at the same time.


Mowing in a regular strip pattern? That’s already a given, with on-board GPS-RTK technology.
From now on, you will benefit from the WiseNav update. Your robot is moving up to the next level in terms of precision, and can navigate without a boundary wire. Three times more mowing capacity and a drastic reduction in your workload. This update is also available for golf ball pickers.ECHO Robotics


Whether you are a sport field manager, greenkeeper, or green space manager…as a turf professional, you are constantly looking for ways to optimise the management and maintenance of your grounds. With the WiseNav update, your GPS-RTK robots mow even more precisely, strip by strip, without a boundary wire. Take advantage of this technological improvement for greater efficiency and higher maintenance quality.


Your GPS-RTK robot mower and its WiseNav update.

The GPS-RTK base for precise GPS navigation.

The robot charging station.

Virtual input of safety zones and no-go zones.

Your access via the app or the web portal to manage the robot.


Thanks to GPS-RTK technology, EchoRobotics robots perform strip pattern mowing and triple their mowing capacity. Activate the WiseNav update to boost the possibilities by a factor of ten. Wire-free mowing has been tested to perfection on the most demanding terrains. Result: A single robot can handle up to 75,000 m² (TurfMower GPS-RTK) and your golf balls will be picked up at an unrivalled rate.


EchoRobotics robot mowers serve various purposes, handling tasks in football pitches, industrial green spaces, golf courses, parks, or gardens. Even on slopes as steep as 45%. Better still, a single 4G multi-robot system can handle all of your fields within a 15-km radius. You can control them from your portal or your app. Delegate this relentless task, and let the robot calculate the ideal trajectory.


Wire-free installation and mowing will protect the environment. No more trenches in your green spaces; the EchoRobotics robot mower will respect the safety zones accurately. And the CO2 emissions? Nothing. A plus for your image and your corporate social responsibility. With WiseNav technology, adjust the mowing height in each zone and define the passage areas between your fields, for a sustainable and attractive result.


Are you already using GPS-RTK robots and their corresponding stations? The update awaits you.
Are your green spaces managed by the Connected Line? You can purchase a station upgrade and benefit from three times the mowing capacity (GPS-RTK models). Say hello to simplified management of mowing and no-go zones.


Application mobile pour robots ECHO Robotics.

  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 remote access
  • Unlimited creation and adaptation of zones
  • Adapt the mowing to the condition of your terrain
  • Exclusion of areas to be avoided
  • The favourite tool of turf professionals


Football pitches are particularly demanding. In fact, they require very frequent mowing so that players can play and train on them as often as necessary. The quality of the pitch is also essential to avoid slipping or injuries and ensures a maximum precision for players. Robot mowers for football pitches offer ideal precision and flexibility for this type of requirements. Professional robot mowers have so much to offer you!


Maintaining a football pitch means constant monitoring, which requires a lot of time from the dedicated teams. The robotic mower removes the need for staff to operate or collect mowed grass, as the robot itself handles all tasks. Additionally, there’s no requirement to transport the robot for recharging as it autonomously moves to its charging station. This significantly reduces the manpower required for lawn maintenance, allowing your staff to focus on more engaging tasks. It’s important to highlight that a robot mower operates on electricity, consuming significantly less energy compared to its counterpart, the reel mower. This efficiency can result in savings of up to 50%

Icon Quiet


For use in quiet environments, without disturbing the customers.

Icon Autonomous


Works 24/7, day and night, whatever the weather.

ECHO Robotics Remote Command


Via the smartphone application or the online portal – because the work does not stop when you are doing other things.

ECHO Robotics


Respects the environment and provides a better experience for the customers.

Lower Energy Costs Icon


Compared to conventional mowers.

Advanced Automation Icon


You can be sure the job is well-done.


We all know how difficult it can be to study or work in a noisy environment. Imagine that you have to work next to an operational conventional mower, … Impossible to concentrate! Managers of grounds surrounding schools or municipal buildings can have a really hard time to organise mowing schedules. The TurfMower series robot mowers simplify life for users by quietly completing the job. As such, you can have them operate any time of day without disturbing anyone. And moreover, they have a zero emission rate and do not produce any unpleasant smells since they run on electricity.

ECHO Robotics’ robotic turf mower near school building.The TM-2050, unlike its conventional counterpart TM-2000, features an RTK-GPS receiver. When paired with our RTK-GPS base station, the robot precisely mows designated areas outlined by the GPS. This precision allows for the clear definition of focus areas. With continuous mowing, the ECHO robot lawn mower leaves behind extremely fine grass clippings that remain invisible and thus don’t require collection. These clippings, left on the lawn, also provide natural fertilization. This makes it perfect for sand based pitch’s.

Particularly robust

The robust construction of the aluminum frame ensures a long service life of the robot. Moreover, all components have protection against dust and water entering. The double-walled housing makes the devices particularly quiet and torsion-resistant.


ECHO robotic lawnmowers consume much less energy than conventional gasoline-powered machines. The emission-free electric drive makes the machines notably quiet and significantly reduces harmful CO2 emissions.

In addition, the electricity consumption of the robot mower produces only a fraction of the CO2 emissions or virtually none by using electricity from renewable sources.

Max. surface*

75,000 m2


3.6 km/h

Lithium ion charging station
Cutting width


Weight (including battery)

71 kg

Average annual consumption**

830 kWh


1278mm x 1110mm x 515mm

Cutting height

20mm – 100mm (GOLF SPEC 15mm – 100mm)

Mowing heads 5 floating mowing heads
Knives 3 foldable and interchangeable blades of 5 cm per mowing head
** Consumption may vary depending on specific conditions and use.


For over 15 years, Dermot Casey Sales has been the foremost specialist in supplying commercial robotic mowers, backed by an unparalleled depth of expertise and knowledge in these innovative products. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just delivering exceptional machinery; it’s about nurturing relationships. Over the years, we’ve forged strong bonds with our customers, placing immense pride in offering top-tier support services. Among our esteemed clientele are prominent names like the Kerry GAA Centre of Excellence, Killeedy GAA Club, Ballygiblin GAA, and Mackey Park, Ahane GAA Club, among many others. Yet, our reach extends far beyond sports clubs, encompassing numerous businesses and private homeowners as well as golf courses and driving ranges. It’s our dedication to fostering trust and delivering quality that sets us apart in the realm of commercial robotic mowers.

Technical specifications

Max. surface*                                                   75,000 m2
Speed                                                                   3.6 km/h
Cutting width                                                    1033mm
Weight (including battery)                          71 kg
Average annual consumption**                830 kWh
Dimensions                                                       1278mm x 1110mm x 515mm
Cutting height                                                  20mm – 100mm           (GOLF SPEC 15mm – 100mm)
Mowing heads                                                 
5 floating mowing heads
Knives                                                                 3 foldable and interchangeable blades per mowing head**
Consumption may vary depending on specific conditions and use.


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