RTK TM1050 Echo Robotic Mower

Unlike the conventional TM-1000, the TM-2050 is equipped with an RTK-GPS receiver. The robot, in conjunction with our base station, mows the areas defined by the GPS. This allows for high-precision delineation and focus areas to be defined. Due to the constant mowing, the ECHO robot lawn mower leaves only very fine grass clippings which are not visible and therefore do not have to be collected. Grass clippings placed on the lawn also ensure that it is naturally fertilized.

Particularly robust

Thanks to its robust construction, its aluminum frame guarantees a long service life for the robot. In addition, all components are protected against the ingress of dust and water. The double-walled housing makes the devices particularly quiet and torsion-resistant.


ECHO robotic lawnmowers consume very little energy compared to conventional gasoline-powered machines. Thanks to the emission-free electric drive, the machines are much quieter and harmful CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.

In addition, the electricity consumption of the robot mower produces only a fraction of the CO2 emissions or virtually none by using electricity from renewable sources.

Cutting Your fuel and maintenance Cost In half The Echo Robotic Mower Range is Designed To give you the Best outlook On your Area All year around For more Information Phone

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The ECHO TM-1050 is one of the robotic lawn mowers with an area coverage of up to 45000 m². With a coverage of 75,000 m².

  •       Battery type LIFePo4
  • Average loading time: 80 min
  • Average mowing time per charge cycle: 260 min
  • Electricity consumption per year: approx. 830 kWh
  • Dimensions: 100 x 104 x 46 (L x W x H)

Technical specifications

Maximum area capacity 45,000 sqm
cutting width 633mm
navigation scheme pattern navigation
demarcation of working area 3 modes: Wireless, Hybrid RTK, Perimeter Wire
Number of cutter heads 3
number of knives 9
speed 2.8 km/h
battery type LiFePo4
battery capacity 19.2 Ah
sonar technology
Multi-zone capable
Electric cutting height adjustment
theft protection
GPS tracking
wireless Internet access
fleet management system
max incline 35%
Weight 48kg
Dimensions 100 x 104 x 46 cm (LxWxH)
Annual electricity consumption approx. 580 kWh
cutting height 22 to 100 mm (adjustable remotely or via display)
Average load time 80 mins
Average mowing time per charging cycle 210 mins
obstacle sonar
insurance coverage Included free for one year from date of purchase
sound power level 52dB(A)