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Max. branch thickness = up to 75 mm

Engine type = Series 3.115 PowerBuilt OHV

Displacement = 344 cm³

Weight = 75 kg

Cutting tool = Multi-Cut 450


Whether thick branches, expansive plots of land or continuous operation, the STIHL petrol shredder GH 460 C can meet the most demanding requirements with ease. The extremely powerful motor is characterised by its performance and smooth operation in equal measure. The sandwich-type blade unit can shred branches up to 75 mm thick into small chips in the blink of an eye, while the twin-chamber system ensures an outstanding cutting quality, high efficiency and the long service life of the blades. As a result, you can feed either hard clippings or soft green cuttings separately into one of the two shredding systems integrated in the machine. Should you need to stop the petrol shredder abruptly for safety reasons, simply actuate the closure screw on the housing of the GH 460 C. The One click/One turn safety switch will then interrupt the blade unit drive. The shredder offers incredible mobility and can be tilted and moved to another location with ease. Pneumatic tyres, transport handles and a wide chassis allow you to manoeuvre the machine effortlessly to the next work location.

    Standard equipment

  • Soundproofed feed chute

    The large feed chute facilitates feeding of the STIHL shredder. The soundproofed feed chute reduces working noise when shredding in the garden. The integrated spray protection provides a shield against swirling dirt.

  • Blades with sandwich construction

    The special sandwich-type blade system on the STIHL shredder shreds the material with minimal vibration.

  • Safety switch

    A single turn of the One click / One turn safety switch stops the engine on the garden shredder immediately. Both the ON button and the safety switch on the STIHL shredder are integrated directly in a single closure screw on the machine.

  • Integrated tool
    Integrated tool

    On this STIHL shredder, the tool used for maintenance operations is stored in a compartment on the housing. For example, it is therefore possible to change a blade on the garden shredder quickly and autonomously.

  • Pneumatic tyres

    The pneumatic tyres improve overall manoeuvrability and provide mobility for the STIHL petrol shredder. The wide chassis increases the stability of the garden shredder.

  • Wide chassis

    The wide chassis ensures good stability of the STIHL garden shredder during operation and facilitates transport of the machine.

  • Twin-chamber system

    This STIHL petrol shredder has two individual feed openings. As a result, the garden shredder can shred both harder branch material and softer mixed green cuttings in equal measure. Each feed chamber is equipped with special blades ideal for shredding each particular type of shredding material


  • Max. branch thickness: up to 75 mm
  • Engine type: Series 3.115 PowerBuilt OHV
  • Displacement: 344 cm³
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Cutting tool: Multi-Cut 450
  • Working speed: 5,8 kW / 7,9 PS
  • Nominal speed: 2.560 U/min
  • Guaranteed sound power level LWAd [dB(A)]: 108 dB(A)
  • Uncertainty KpA [dB(A)]: 3 dB(A)
  • Measured sound pressure level LpA: 97 dB(A)