Ambrogio L450i Deluxe 20000sqm


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Ambrogio Pro-Line L400i Delux Robot 20000sqm

The most powerful robot in the Ambrogio family, the L400i Deluxe can autonomously cut lawns and sports fields up to 20000m2. Equipped with the new ZCS Connect module to connect and interact with Ambrogio at any time and everywhere.

The 3 bladed design gives a cutting width of 84 cm with each blade being independently mounted for a contoured finish, even on uneven lawns.

If you’ve got a larger area, the L400i Delux utilises the Infinity+ system so multiple robots can share GPS lawn maps to work together in harmony.

Touchscreen Display

Flex Rubber Wheel

4 Point Star Blade

Charging Points

Maximum Cutting Area (SqM) up to 20000 SqM
Min-Max Cutting Height (mm) 25-70
Blade Type 4 Point Star Blade
Blade Cutting Width (mm) 840 (3 Discs)
Manageable Areas (including the main) 8 separate Areas
User Interface Touchscreen Display – ZCS connect – Bluetooth GSM & Smart Assist
Safety and Security Features PIN Code via APP & Geofence
Lithium-Ion Battery (25.9V) / Quantity 15Ah / x4
Product Weight 49Kg
Sound Power 69dB(A)
Max Continuous Cutting Time 11 Hours continuous cutting – 9 Hours Garden free time