Tundra 13 Tonne Hydraulic Pipe Bender


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The Tundra Industrial? hydraulic pipe benders are designed using the latest technologies, featuring low and fast speeds and equipped with a releasing device to prevent overloading
Constructed from refined drop forged steel, our pipe benders are of the highest quality, lightweight and portable, ideal for long periods of usage
Tundra? Industrial 2 tonne hydraulic pipe benders are ideal for the building/construction, engineering industries and an array of so many more

  • Tonnage Capacity: 13 Tonne
  • Stroke: 250mm
  • Bending Range: ? 21.3mm – ? 60mm
  • Bending Forms: 1/2?, 3/4?, 1.0?, 11/4?, 11/2?, 2.0?
  • Pipe Wall Thickness: 2.75mm – 4.5mm
  • Gross Weight: 47kg
  • Dimensions: 730 x 320 x 200mm