Billy Goat Vacuum TKV601SP


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The 27” TKV lawn and litter vac offers an integral on-board 2” chipper. Now you can add branches to all your leaf, seed, blooms, mulch, litter and debris cleanup jobs. The TKV is ideal for residential and property maintenance and the self-propelled power takes the chore and fatigue out of hilly turf cleanup. An optional hose kit helps between shrubs, beds and under decks or utilities.

Billy Goat vacuums are so rugged and reliable that many have been in service for over 20 years. Put the power and reliability of a Billy Goat TKV to work on your cleanup projects and depend on its quality operation for years to come.




The Billy Goat TKV601SP garden vacuum offers all the great features of the KV series but has an integral on-board 5.1cm (2″) chipper so you can now add branches to your other clean up jobs.. This Briggs and Stratton-powered Billy Goat eats with amazing speed and efficiency. Featuring a full 27″ intake nozzle plus legendary vacuum power, the Billy Goat TKV601SP is self-propelled and gives you an effective cleaning path of 30″. Its huge appetite gobbles up leaves and lawn litter in a fraction of the time needed with ordinary implements. The Billy Goat also flattens cans and safely inhales glass. High 12″ profile wheels increase maneuverability around tight spots and through deep leaves. The safety chute opens quickly, whilst the built in chipper accepts small tree limbs up to 2″ in diameter. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 850 Pro Series engine, you can clean up in less time, with less effort and do a better job. Billy Goat’s TK models out-perform any other lawn vacuums, even those with higher horsepower. The intake snout, impeller chamber and outlet are all engineered for maximum suction in relation to engine rating, giving excellent suction power without strain. This is a rugged, professional tool designed to pick up bottles, cans, paper, cigarette butts, leaves, and other types of man-made and organic debris. The heavy steel impeller takes foreign objects and compacts litter to a fraction of its bulk. The quick disconnect with integrated safety door makes removing and installing the felt bag a snap.

Integral Dust Skirt


Keeps dust down and away from operator.


Zipperless Bag


Uses two easy to open fasteners for long life and simple unloading. Bottom loading.


Five-Blade Serrated Impeller


Composts and reduces debris up to 12 to 1.


Single Speed Rear Self-Propelled


Great for hilly turf applications.


2″ On-Board Branch Chipper


Standard on the TKV601SP model, now you can add branches to all your clean up jobs.