TH1181 Cambium Saver


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Cambium Saver TH1181


  • Conforms to EN 795B
  • 3-layered polyester  webbing
  • Webbing protector over leading edge
  • Individually serial numbered

Cambium Saver TH1181


The cambium saver TH1181 is a useful addition to the arborist’s equipment bag.

The friction saver (as it is also known) is installed in the tree using a throw line and weight, to reduce friction and prevent damage to the cambium of the tree, and also the sheath of the rope.

Our cambium saver TH1181 , comes with an aluminium ring at each end (60mm diameter at one end and 30mm diameter at the other).

Constructed from 3 layers of heavy duty polyester webbing, with a nylon protective cover over the leading edge and finished with distinctive bars of heavy duty stitching these friction saving devices should be an essential part of your climbing gear.

Tested and certified to EN795B, rated to 15kN ad individually serial numbered, the TH1180 is available in a variety of standard lengths: 100cm; 120cm and 150cm.