Grapple Saw GMT035

Weight 230 kg/500 lbs.
Max. diameter saw cut 35 cm/14 “
Max. load 1500 kg/3300 lbs

General data

Felling, chipping and/or transporting of trees with only one single machine

You wish to perform your sawing activities without extra manpower? And at the same time be productive, fast and efficient? You are looking for a professional, versatile product. Gierkink Machine Techniek can supply this equipment: the grapple saw GMT035.

The grapple saw GMT035

The grapple saw combines various advantages and functions in one machine. It enables you to fell, shorten, chip and transport trees, with the highest possible control comfort. This grapple with saw can be mounted on any crane with grapple. A simple, efficient system for our customers, without additional hoses. And safe because climbing trees is no longer necessary.

Felling trees, chipping and/or transport

Felling trees, bringing down the parts, collecting, hauling and chipping, all in one pass with the grapple saw GMT035. Thus you will save labour force. Because of its low maintenance construction the grapple saw GMT035 is an economically sound long-term investment. Quality that pays off immediately.

The advantages of the grapple saw GMT035

Because of its low weight, its large felling diameter and its excellent quality the GMT035 is fully deployable in the collection of biomass and energy wood. It is very cost effective and saves a lot of your precious time. Every GMT035 is thoroughly tested and checked before is is delivered.

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