Dynamo 630A Starter Charger


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230A single phase battery / starter charger with sturdy plastic and steel housing and carry handle
12/24V battery voltage
Well ventilated to help maintain low temperatures during operation
Large ammeter display showing rate of charge
Dash-mounted fuse and polarity protection
Variable charging rate
Supplied with a pair of fully insulated positive and negative charging clamps which can be stored within the equipment casing
Suitable for charging regular and low maintenance batteries between 80 – 1000Ah
Safety class DIN40530: II

  • Input Power: 180 W
  • Output Voltage: 12V / 24V
  • Output Charge Peak (EN): 90A (70A)
  • Output Start Peak (EN): 600A (350A)
  • Input (Charge): 0.5A
  • Input (Start): 4A
  • Battery Capacity (Min – Max): 80 – 1000Ah
  • Duty Cycle: 5 sec ON / 30 sec OFF @ 5 Cycles
  • Fuse: 3 x 50A
  • Plug: 13A
  • Charging cables: 16mm x 2.0mm
  • Power cables: 3x 1.5mm x 2.4m
  • Weight: 20.0kg
  • Dimensions: 330 x 260 x 720mm