Belrobotics Golf Range Ball picker

Belrobotics Golf Range Ball picker

Belrobotics Golf Range Ball picker

< 30,000 m²Area Over 250 balls By cycle 3.6 km/h Speed 12,000 balls picked up by Ball picker


The Ball picker automates the collecting of golf balls at driving ranges. This patented world exclusivity:

  • Eliminates human intervention, generating significant savings.Staff can stop wasting their energy on this
  • ongoing chore, and the time they saved can be spent on more useful and rewarding activities;

  • Protects personnel from injury;
  • Extends driving range opening hours, since the Ball picker operates non-stop, without being damaged by or annoying the golfers.

The Ball picker, a technological gem:

A computer
A computer that activates 5 rollers or 4 discs, for quiet and systematic collection.

Obstacle detectors

Obstacle detectors that change the machine’s course or stop it if necessary, ensuring absolute safety except in the most unexpected situations: golfer or animal crossing the driving range, etc.

Smoothing the activity peaks

The Ball picker ensures a constant supply of sufficient balls to players (up to 12,000 balls per 24 hours).

When unable to pick up the balls as quickly as they are played (an unusual situation occurring on very busy days), it catches up during the night or on a calmer day.


A GPS giving the shortest route back to the ball unloading/battery charging station. The time needed to return to base is reduced to the strict minimum, which results in productivity gains of the order of 15%.

The more balls, the better. The Ball picker works at its most efficient when there is a high density of balls on the driving range.q


The Ball picker is equipped with a 300-ball container.

When the container is full, the Ball picker returns to base to unload its balls and charge its batteries.

In a few seconds, the balls are emptied into the retrieval channel and can then be routed to a cleaner and a ball dispenser.

Multi-zone programming

The Ball picker can also be programmed in multi-zone mode. At peak times, it concentrates exclusively on the area where most balls land.

This high concentration of balls favours the efficiency of the Ball picker and allows it to pick up a large number of balls quickly and supply enough balls to the players.

At night or on calm days, the Ball picker picks up balls outside this high-density area.

This means that the driving range manager can adapt the operating modes to the density of golfers. The Ball picker can be controlled remotely via SMS commands sent to the robot.

Many benefits

Good for nature

The Ball picker is powered by electricity, and has similar power consumption to a refrigerator. Its CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are 10 times less than those of equivalent petrol-powered machines.

The Ball picker emits no exhaust fumes or odors likely to annoy golfers or local residents.


Whereas traditional machines produce significant noise pollution, the Ballpicker is almost silent.

Inaudible from just a few metres away, it can work 24/7 without the slightest disturbance to golfers or local residents.

Protecting the balls

The Ball picker doesn’t embed the balls in the ground, so they remain easily retrievable.

This saves the club thousands of balls per year, which would otherwise have been buried under the driving range.