Seco Golaith GC110 (4WD)

Seco Golaith GC110 (4WD)


B&S 24HP Intek Engine (Twin Cylinder)

Heavy Duty Hydrostatic Transmission (K62Q)

110 cm


110 cm (44″) Cutting Deck

B&S Vanguard 23HP Engine (Twin Cylinder)

TT K 664 rear +KXH10N Front Transmission

Comfortable, adjustable seat with a safety belt and armrests

Ideal for Long, Rough, Terrain

Seco Golaith GC110 (4WD)

This model of ride on is specially designed to tackle rough and poor conditioned areas through mulching. It can easily cut through anything; e.g. seeding woods, wild roses and high grown reeds. The Golaith is very popular throughout Europe due to its uniqueness and technical abilities. It can be used to maintain almost anything as it works its way through side ditches, river and pond beds, tree nurseries and even ski slopes!!! It has a profession Briggs & Stratton engine. It is a four-wheel-drive (4WD) and it has many professional features such as; Fuel tank capacity of 16 litres. It has a comfortable seat with arm rests, which helps make it user friendly. It has a multi functional dashboard. An adjustable slope in its steering wheel and a control knob.

The Seco Golaith has an informative panel display which shows important information such as;

  • “On”/”Off” position of the cruise control
  • The state of the charge battery
  • Control of engine lubrication

It is fully equipped and competent for working in the harshest of conditions as it comes geared with four-layer tyres of the V-shaped design

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