Electronic Heat Gun Variable (230V)


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Includes 5 piece accessory kit

Built in overheat protection
Shaped for hands free use
Low Setting Applications: drying paint, removing stickers, defrosting icy surfaces and frozen utilities, waxing and dewaxing and much more
High Setting Applications: bending plastic pipes and sheets, soldering plumbing joints, removing coatings of oil paint, lacquer, welding or thermoplastic polymer and much more
Comes complete with 5 Piece Accessory Kit (JEFHTGAS):
Spoon reflector nozzle
Cone nozzle
Glass protection nozzle
Fish tail surface nozzle
Paint & varnish scraper

  • Power Supply: 2000W
  • Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
  • Air Temp / Flow:
  • 50-450° 250L/min (Low Setting)
  • 60-600° 500L/min (High Setting)