Ambrogio Greenline L60 Deluxe


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Each of the three main sensor types helps the robot navigate and detect the lawn edge in a different way:

No Grass
Grass sensors mounted underneath detect whether the mower is on top of grass. If it senses their is no grass under one of the sensors it will navigate away from that area. Ideal for detecting level patios and paths etc.

Bump / Obstacle
Bumper mounted touch sensors trigger when the L60 makes contact with obstacles. This helps it navigate around obstructions in a lawn like trees or planters, as well as detect walls and fences etc. The barrier can be a low as 9cm to activate these sensors.

Dropped Edge
Four corner mounted drop of sensors detect edges with a change in level of over 5cm. This means the mower can detect and navigate away from boarders or any other landscaping with a sunken edge

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Keeping small gardens in pristine condition has never been easier with the new Ambrogio L60 Deluxe, designed for residential gardens up to 200 m². Ambrogio L60 Deluxe is ideal for those who want a perfectly mowed lawn, without the need to install perimeter wires. The robot’s ease of use also allows it to be put into service immediately and transported across multiple areas and different gardens.

The symmetrical design and dual sensor sets mean the L60 operates in both identically in both directions. This means the robot to turn less on your lawn reducing wear and covering the ground quicker.

Symmetrical Design

Reinforced Bumper

Keypad commands and new Charging Point

ZGS Sensor

Bluetooth Receiver